Cook Your Crop: Sophia’s Lilly Pilly Jam

One of our members recently harvested some beautiful bright Lilly Pillies from her hedges and turned them into jam.  As this was such a popular post Sophia has kindly shared her recipe with us below. She makes it sound pretty easy!
It was my first time EVER making jam so I’m really pleased with the results. After reading a few recipes online this is the process that I used:

1) De-seed the Lilly Pillies and rinse a few times.
2) Slice the fruit in half and remove the seeds before cooking.
3) Add water and Lilly Pillies to pot. Ensure the fruit is only just covered by water.
4) Add the juice and rind from 1 Lemon (natural pectin supposedly) then bring to the boil.
5) Let boil for approx 7 mins before stirring in 1 & 1/2 cups of sugar.
6) Reduce the heat and let simmer for AGES. My jam still wouldn’t set.  After testing it on a chilled plate I added some Agar powder I had in the cupboard, just before removing it from the heat completely.
While the jam is simmering, wash, boil and then oven dry a Moccona jar (or any glass, air tight jar) so that you have a sterile container for the cool jam to go into.
8) Keep refrigerated and enjoy!


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