August 12, 2018


In addition to our free swap events we also offer workshops to help up-skill growers and empower them to live more sustainably.  Feel free to email us if you’re interested in an event that isn’t currently scheduled. Some of these include:
An introduction to permaculture weekend
Wild mushroom foraging
Dehydrating – A frugal and low waste pantry (intro video below)
Natural soap making
Introduction to home canning and preserving
Making fermented drinks including kombucha
Olive curing

Here’s what some past participants have to say about our workshops:
“Hi Laurie, I’m sorry to be so long in saying your workshop was one of the best, most informative and inspiring I’ve ever attended! If I get the opportunity I’d love to have the “refresher course” of another! I’ve dried apples, bananas, beetroot, mushrooms, oranges, lemons, pears, yogurt and zucchini! Some of these will become powders! Thank you so very much for a wonderful morning!” – Gay

“Thanks for the workshop, it was interesting and informative, gave me lots of new ideas, and it was good to be able to pick your brain in person!” – Helen