April 28, 2017


We’re so grateful to the following publications and people for spreading the word about Crop Swap. If you’d like to have a chat, please contact us on hello@CropSwap.Sydney


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SBS Want to save thousands off your grocery bill? Start swapping!
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Sydney Weekender Channel 7 Fresh Produce in Sydney from Pocket City Farms
1 Million Women Homegrown produce swaps: One persons’s glut feeds another one’s gut
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In The Cove Crop Swap Sydney growing
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Permapatch Community Garden International Permaculture Day 2017
TimeOut Sydney Spring Harvest Festival
Food Faith A guide to food sharing apps
Costa Georgiadis Costa swaps with us at Pocket City Farms
Costa Georgiadis Now who doesn’t love a gift let alone a plant gift. I was given three plants today here in the office ABC TV in Ultimo . Have a quick look at these Cape Gooseberries I was given today after the Crop Swap Sydney event the other week Pocket City Farms.
Costa Georgiadis Collecting some pine needles to return the Crop Swap Sydney share from yesterday.
The Wonky Carrot Crop Swap
The Conscious Consumer Crop Swap: An interview with Laurie Green
ABC Organic Gardener Magazine, Issue no 95, August 2017, pg 13 Swapping Food and Friendship
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SBS Food, How I discovered the joy of Crop Swapping

Press about Laurie Green & Events
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Sydney Living Museums Autumn Harvest Festival 2019 – Dehydrating demonstration, swapping & panel discussion of zero waste living
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