Sustainable Gardening – How to start & maintain a garden on a budget

Like any habit, gardening can become expensive, even if you do get to reap its edible rewards.  But if you can think creatively, there are hidden Sydney gems that offer affordable resources to start, expand and upkeep your plot.
Upcycling, using second hand and re-purposing goods is not only a cheaper alternative, but better for the environment as it saves materials from landfill.  Situated in Marrickville, in Sydney’s Inner West, is the mother of all trash and treasure centres – Reverse Garbage.  This warehouse is the home of anything and everything looking for a new lease of life – From ex Mardi Gras props and fish tanks, to vessels, books and wood offcuts, the possibilities are endless.  What is available on any given day is luck of the draw, and rummaging is often required, but that is half the fun.

With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to pay them a visit.  Look at what we found today!

Long lengths of sturdy dowel which could be used as plant supports.  Costing between $3-$5 each

IMG_0963 IMG_0962 IMG_0960
Carrot, basil and lettuce seeds with August 2017 expiry.  10 packets for $1

Various gardening books from $2 each

Reg the Reuse Scare Crow Kit – Great for schools, families and community groups.  Includes 2 hessian sacks, 1 fabric banner, buttons, EVA foam, ribbon length, hat and polyfill. $25 incl GST

Upcycled garden benches $45 each.

Large wooden crates which could be used as planters.  2 x available at $40 each.  Plastic milk crates also available for $1 each.

Show us your finds!

Address and opening hours available via the Reverse Garbage website

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2 thoughts on “Sustainable Gardening – How to start & maintain a garden on a budget

  • Oh dear… those prices are very expensive… think about sourcing bamboo… easy to cut, trim and use.

    • Bamboo is a fantastic resource Maryanne, I agree. Reverse Garbage does offer some good options for other materials though, and gives former ‘waste’ a second lease of life.

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