February 11, 2016


We’ve put together a few resources below to help members in their edible gardening efforts or watch our planting guide videos for seasonal advice on what to plant. If you have any other recommendations please email hello@cropswap.sydney

Gardenate App
A great all in one app for documenting what you planted in your garden, suggestions for when to harvest and what to plant when. It’s location specific and can be set to Sydney’s climate zone.

VegeSafe is a Macquarie University program that provides free soil testing for domestic and community garden soils. Participants receive a formal report and links to information and advice about “what to do next” in the event of soils containing elevated concentrations of metals and metalloids. We have used this personally and it is a fantastic service and initiative.

This Sydney based company will deliver free mulch to you if you don’t have contact with a tree lopper who will do it. You can place the order online and quantities are between 4-12 cubic meters. If this is too much for you try teaming up with another Crop Swapper.

Compost Revolution
Depending on which council municipality you live in Compost Revolution offers huge discounts on compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins to help you nourish your garden and reduce your waste.  Some areas are even eligible to receive one of these free.  Plug in your post code to see.

Recycle Smart app
This app is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling app built in collaboration with Planet Ark. It will enable you to search items to find their correct disposal method, find your nearest recycling facility, stay up to date with news & events or report a recycling problem

Plant Deficiency Guide