Moss House Sustainable Swap – Sept 11, 2016

Last weekend Moss House opened to the public for Sustainable House Day, and served as the venue for our first swap of the  season.  This property is a great example of a working permaculture garden on a suburban scale, and was an inspiration for many members who were able to see elements of sustainable permaculture food garden design in action.

The owner, Margaret (who is an active member of Crop Swap Sydney) took a large group through the garden handing out cuttings and produce samples along the way.  She also offered up homegrown loofahs and preserves from her garden as part of the swap.

Overall it was a jam packed morning with our seed library making a debut, the giveaway of our free goodie bags stuffed with donations from the Diggers Club and the raffle of a goodie basket won by Cecily Lenton.

Some of the items swapped on the day:
Kale galore
Borage for making compost tea
Passionfruit seedlings
Aloe Vera
Kaffir lime leaves
Homegrown green salad mix
Dill and sage
Land cress
Homemade choc chip cookies
Cuttings of hot lips salvia, warrigal greens, fruit salad sage, perennial basil, indian borage and Vietnamese, Apple and eau-de-cologne mints
Worm wee
Homemade macaroons
Sugar cane
Fresh and dried chillies
Homegrown loofahs and seeds for planting
Black cherry tomato seedlings

Want to join us at our next swap?  See here for details or join the group to swap anytime.

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