Introduction to Fermented Drinks (incl. Kombucha)

  • Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
  • October 14, 2017
  • Saturday, 2:00PM to 4:00PM

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Introduction to Fermented Drinks (incl. Kombucha)

Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

Saturday, 2:00PM to 4:00PM
October 14, 2017


Crop Swap Sydney

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Prepare for Summer’s long, hot days by learning how to make healthy alternatives to conventional fizzy drinks – cultured kombucha/jun, milk kefir and beet kvass. Evidence shows that such fermented drinks increase beneficial gut flora, helping to boost your body’s immune system, and relieve symptoms of some medical conditions.

What you’ll learn – Acquire the skills and knowledge to produce your own natural, healthy, fermented fruit and milk drinks. On the day you will have an opportunity to try several fermented drinks and learn how to set up a jar of kombucha or jun for initial and secondary fermentation. For making a flavoured second ferment please bring your preferred ingredients eg apple and cinnamon, pear and cloves, berries, ginger or turmeric root. Margaret will also demonstrate how to prepare beet kvass and milk kefir.

Take home – You own Jun and Kombucha cultures, a bottle of flavoured second ferment as well as the knowledge and recipes to make your own fermented drinks at home.

About the educator – The workshop will be taught by Margaret Mossakowska, permaculturist, active Crop Swap Sydney member and founder of Moss House. She is a long-time fermenter, who first tried sour milk and beet kvass nearly half a century ago!

The idea of Moss House grew from her desire to reconnect with her roots, to wonderful childhood days spent in rural Poland, tending her family vegetable garden, foraging for wild herbs and mushrooms and in autumn preserving hundreds of jars full of summer harvests. This is when she acquired homesteading skills, which she has spent her life cultivating, both as she raised a family and during years working in the corporate world.

Her passion for healthy, natural living lead her to share her knowledge and skills with others through workshops that are designed to empower participants and increase their confidence to live healthier lives.

What to bring – Paper and a pen (recipes will be provided on the day).

For making a particular flavoured ferment please bring the required ingredients and Margaret will be happy to show you how to use them. For examples, apple and cinnamon, pear and clove, berries, ginger or turmeric root.

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