Crop Swap Sydney Turns 1!

On November 19th Crop Swap Sydney turned 1! During our first year hundreds of swaps took place between 2,000+ growers.

We’ve loved hearing stories about how some of our members forged local friendships through this network, and connected over the growing (and eating) of healthy homegrown produce. Thank you to our members for being a part of a small idea that seems to be making a difference, and we welcome any newcomers who are keen to start growing and sharing!

During this time we filled many gardens for free, gave away a worm farm, a Vegepod, books, an Eden Gardens voucher, started a seed library and held six events (with more scheduled).

Recipes, advice, anecdotes and encouragement continue to be exchanged in spades so keep on growing, chatting and swapping. 🌿☀️🍅

You can find some early thoughts on the initiative here or join us at one of our upcoming events.

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