Manly Vale Crop Swap & Native Honey Tasting – Jan 15, 2017

This event signified our first on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and visitors came from far and wide.  One family even travelled from near Hurstville to swap with us! On arrival, their arms brimmed with huge pesticide free zucchinis, flavoursome onions and freshly harvested beetroot.

The venue was the inspiring Manly Vale community garden which has a family friendly setup complete with kids playground, native bees and plenty of fruit trees for natural shade. We were also very lucky to have Sydney Native Bees join us at this event where they shared their knowledge and conducted a native bee honey tasting.  They also generously donated a native bee hive to the Crop Swap Sydney garden for us to continue to educate members in the future.  Stay tuned for their progress and for our hive splitting event later in the year.

As always, the variety of produce, seeds and plants was astounding (some items listed below) and we hope to return to this garden soon.

Apple cucumbers
Snake beans
Double chocolate brownies
Mint basil
White strawberry seedlings
Sugar cane cuttings for planting
Curry leaf seedlings
Monster Zucchinis
Zucchini flowers for stuffing
Red and green chillies
Homemade walnut muesli
Rainbow chard seedlings
Jalapeño seedlings
Bunya seedling
Finger lime seedlings
Tamarillo seedlings
Sweet potato slips
White onions
Brahmi (memory hearb) cuttings
Vietnamese mint cuttings
Spinning gourd seedling for growing kids spinning tops
Fresh Chamomile flowers
Lemongrass plants and cuttings for tea
Warrigal green seedlings
Dill seed heads
Ladybirds transported in new breathable DIY tea bags
Red Aztec corn
Lemon verbena
Almond cake

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