Lane Cove Family Swap – Feb 25, 2017

For our first Lane Cove swap we partnered with Lane Cove Council for a very special family event. The Living and Learning Centre was a great venue on a rainy Saturday morning and produce was aplenty.  We’re always excited to hear where and how people are growing and on this occasion spoke to swappers from as far afield as Port Macquarie, Blacktown, Carlingford and Rozelle.

At this event we were fortunate to have other sustainable brands in attendance.  Vegepod offered 10% off their wicking beds, Eat Me Chutneys, made from wonky produce served up delicious treats, and Peita from The Swag, demonstrated her new sustainable food wrap.

Sydney Native Bees also ran a delicious native bee honey tasting and Dan very kindly included two native hives as part of the display.  Custom made windows allowed a unique insight into these unusual hives and amazingly, both queens were spotted on the day.

Other free activities included free scare crow making, bee hotel construction, ‘pot your own seedlings’ and colouring in.

Photos by Gemma Deavin

Some of the items offered for exchange on the day included:
Kombucha jerky
Seed potatoes
Hanging baskets
Finger limes
Tamarillo seedling
Bunya seedling
Butternut pumpkin
Organic garlic from Carthian Hill
Coffee grounds (for composting)
Mother of herb and pineapple sage cuttings
Seed potatoes for planting
Italian eggplants
Edible flowers
Lemongrass for tea and for planting
Dill seed heads
Homemade bircher muesli
Kaffir line leaves and fruit
Curry leaves
Chilli seedlings
Chocolate, lime, Vietnamese and spearmint
Warrigal greens
Plenty of herbs
Lemon verbena
Strawberry plants
Ginger Cookies
Worm tea from exclusively organic food scraps
Sweet potato leaves
Unrendered bees wax
Aloe Vera

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