Grow your own pineapples from tops 🍍

Did you know that pineapples contain a compound called bromelain and eating a fresh pineapple full of bromelain induces a feeling of well being? We all know that homegrown tastes even better so why not try your hand at propagating your own from tops?

Crop Swap Sydney member, and avid pineapple grower, Frank, shares some tips from his Yagoona container garden.  With a little patience, you too can grow your own pineapples by following his 7 easy steps!

  1. Peel off about 5-7 layers from the bottom of the head
  2. Place in water until the roots are about 10-15cm long
  3. Pot up using a coir brick (Can be bought cheaply from Bunnings or sourced through the group)
  4. Let this remain for a few months until the roots start to show through the bottom of the pot
  5. Transplant to a larger pot using azalea mix
  6. Place in a warm, sunny, sheltered and frost free position.  Pineapples will tolerate cool nights for short periods.
  7. Within 18months – 2 years you should start to see fruit forming!

    Note: Green pineapples are immature and toxic. It’s only when they have developed the classic orange colour that they’re ready to eat.  

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