January 25, 2017


Every swap is different, you just never know what will turn up on the table! Checkout some of our past events for inspiration on what to swap.

Mushroom Foraging

Hampton Pine Forest

aloe beehotel (1) basket (3) smell beehotel3 beehotel1 beewatching beeswax beehotel2 cards check cecilia chillies chutneytasting Dan chutneys Danbees fingerlime fingerlimes1 gumboots fingerlime1 harvest (1) honey (1) eatmechutneys honeyatsting2 honeytasting (1) hive (1) list honeytasting1 (1) lemongrass
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flowers jams herbs cherryblossom mandarins (1) garden people (2) scarecrow1 rasperrby setup4 potatoes setup5 setup2 people3 table (2)